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Visitor Comments:

25-Jul-2007 Bless Father Matt for his sermon last Sunday about the tragedy
in Barrington. Finally someone comes forth with the truth about this
town. They all forget and keep forgetting until the next child dies,
but they don't do anything about it. Hopefully more people will come
forward as Father Matt has done and make people see the consistent and
constant tragedies that keep happening in Barrington. L.F.

25-Jul-2007 Dear Fr. Glover,

Thank you for coming forward and speaking out on teenage drinking and
driving. I commend you for being so brave and boldly speaking about this
subject that has been a problem now for many years. So many accidents
and deaths reported on highways in our State alone and I'm sure
nationwide with young lives being lost to drinking and driving coming from
parties. Young people are not being taught properly about drinking and
driving or talking on cell phones. Driving is very serious and necessary
to get to where you need to be, we all know that and need to be more
responsible. I stand with you on this subject and think that parents are
responsible to educated their young teenagers who do drive, not to drink
at home or elsewhere at parties either unless they have designated
drivers. Precious lives and lost because of drinking and driving and urge
all parents to be more vigiliant in what they teenage kids do. I wish
more parish priests ike yourself come forward and speak out to their
parishioners about this and get involved with family lives. People don't
want to hear about how to talk to their children etc, but they forget
that God should be at the center of their lives in all they do in their
households. They put God on the back burner and take things in their own
hands and as a result this day in age is out of control in every
aspect of life. I think the churches need to change direction of peoples
lives by preaching fire and brimstone again and be bold and bring on the
theme of what would Jesus do? We need to hear more about this and it
will make people more aware and become a more responsible person at any
age by doing the right thing.

Thank you for Fr.Glover for taking the time to read my message. May God
bless you in your work for Him and in your parish.

Sincerely, P.B.

24 Jul 2007 I just listened to Fr. Matt's sermon from last Sunday. (I
attended St. Jean's last weekend, but my husband and my three 14 year old
teenagers heard Fr. Matt's sermon at the 5 pm Saturday mass.) Bravo! I
applaud Fr. Matt's courage and clarity. I intend to replay his sermon
every time I'm wavering under my kids' protests that I am too
conservative and concerned about their lives. Fr. Matt did us all a great service
and he should be proud of his efforts. May God show us all the way. B.E.S.

24 Jul 2007 Thank you Fr. Matt for your comments about denial. In my
opinion you really hit the nail on the head about a very serious issue not
only in Barrington, but throughout our society as a whole. Keep up the
good work. R.S.

24 Jul 2007 Dear Father Glover, I too think you were right on with your
homily re: the death of Pat Murphy and the other Barrington teens. I'm a
teacher in Narragansett, raised my 27 and 26 year old here, and feel
that it's not only Barrington that has problems with parents not
parenting, but it's a wide-spread problem. Thanks for having the guts to say
it. While some I've spoken with think your message was perhaps too
harsh, I reminded them that although Jesus is an all-loving God, He too
got angry w/his community and spoke out. Hopefully you touched many
hearts and from this tragedy can come some goodness. C.R.P

24 Jul 2007 Father Glover's homily on Sunday, July 22 was the wake up call
that the whole State and indeed the whole country needs to hear.
Drinking and its negative effects, especially on children, is our
responsibility. The pro-drinking culture in this country is excessive and
harmful. Only ordinary people, with God's grace, can change it by setting
the right example as Father Glover is doing.  Thank you Father Glover!!! J.P.

25 Nov 2006 Congratulations! Very nice Parish! Very nice catholic community! My name is Victor Henriques, from Lisbon, Portugal! I'll pray for all of you to Our Lady of Fatima here in Portugal! Please pray for me, too! 
STAT CRUX DUM VOLVITUR ORBIS! [editor's note: The Cross stands while the world is changing! It shows the permanence of the Faith and the fidelity of God who cannot change.]

13 Apr 2006 Message: I love Father Bob's video message..very welcoming. I heard Father Matt was on TV on the anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death. Can we stream this on here, too?



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